We want to teach you to skydive!

Learn to Skydive with us at Skydive West Coast, we pride ourselves in the personal one-on-one care of our AFF Students.

First Jump Course

$150full day
  • Must be done before working Tandems

Skydives Level 1 - 9

$200per jump
  • Levels need to be passed

AFF Total Price

  • Prices subject to change.

Learn to skydive with us!

The AFF program is now the standard training program in skydiving.

What is AFF?

AFF is short for Accelerated Free Fall, it is the program we now use to teach students how to jump from a plane, fly around the sky and save your own life with your own parachute and land safely on the ground, ready to do it all again with your new found sky friends.

In an AFF program, your first skydive is from 12,500ft. Your highly trained instructors hold on to each side of you and leave the plane with you. Your Instructors guide you through a series of maneuvers in 8 skydives. These maneuvers include opening your own parachute at a pre-decided altitude, making turns, moving forward, doing back flips, front flips and barrel rolls. With each skydive, you are given a new task to add on to the previously achieved task. If you meet all the requirements for each skydive, then you progress through the eight-jump program. If you do not achieve the objective, you redo the jump until the task has been successfully performed.

What makes us different? Keep reading to find out more!

Our Tunnel AFF Program

Now, as times are changing again and more advancements are made in our sport we, at Skydive West Coast, pride ourselves in keeping up with the changes and being proactive in sharing these advances with our students.

Our First jump Course consists of a full day of training on the ground and learning to fly your body in the Wind Tunnel. We cover all the necessary safety aspects of learning to skydive, coupled with 20 minutes of simulated freefall in a wind tunnel, using our specific program designed to teach you everything you need to know to get through your first eight jumps. We focus on the basic body position, forward and backward movement, falling faster and slower than your basic neutral falling position. We teach you how to recover, should you find yourself unstable, we teach you to do turns and how to go through the motions of deploying your parachute, so that when you are in freefall for the first time, with your own parachute, you can feel confident about what you are required to do, giving you more time to focus on your overall awareness, rather than just your body position.

We have found, with the use of the wind tunnel, our students get through the eight levels without the need to repeat skydives, most of the time. Their confidence is higher, and they are not so overloaded in the air and are able to learn much more in the short time span.

Our highly experienced AFF staff have thousands of AFF skydives with proven techniques for success. Sharing our past skydiving experiences to help students grow is what makes our AFF program in the Los Angeles area stand out. Some of our students have gone on to compete in various skydiving competitions and some have become skydiving Instructors themselves.

The owners have a combined teaching time of over 58 years. They have thousands of AFF student jumps and hours upon hours of tunnel time. Robbie and Tanya are very involved in the teaching, jumping and day to day running of the drop-zone. Our passion for our sport shines through in our teaching methods which are tailored to each individual AFF student’s needs. Our aim is to instill confidence through knowledge and skills, while putting your safety above all else.