Yes. Our weight limit at Skydive West Coast is 250lbs. Different drop-zones have different weight limits according to what the individual Tandem instructors are willing to take. The equipment is test dropped to withstand a terminal opening of 500lbs, so this sets the legal limit. 500lbs is the total combined weight of two jumpers and the equipment. The equipment weighs between 50 and 70lbs depending on the sizes of the parachutes. That leaves a weight of 430 to 450lbs. Giving that the average Tandem Instructor might weigh about 180 to 200 lbs; 230 to 250 lbs is available for the customer. All drop-zones have the right to refuse to jump an individual even if they don’t weigh as much as the weight limit, if they feel an it is an issue of safety for either the instructor or passenger.