We suggest that you plan to spend at least half a day with us. We are not a fairground ride, we are a skydiving operation. We do not label you, churn you through the mill and spit you out the other side without a care for who you are. We are a family operated friendly skydiving facility that wants you to get the most out of your experience. On arrival you will be asked to watch a short video about the legal rights you are signing away, an explanation of the risks involved and a brief outline of your responsibilities in making a Tandem Skydive. After watching the video you will be asked to fill out the waiver, the legal document that is explained to you in the video. After filing out the paperwork and finalizing your payment, you will then meet your instructors and get the necessary training. Weather permitting, you will then be placed into your harness, (this will be explained on the day) and you will be ready to make your skydive. The plane ride to the exit altitude takes place over the San Jacinto Mountains and truly adds to the amazing experience. These are sights that you will not see at any other skydiving center in the United States. The proximity to the mountains is breath-taking. Once the skydive is complete you will then return to the main hangar where you will be presented with your first jump certificate and pick up your video and photographs if you have chosen to purchase them.