How many jumps do I need to jump one of those wing suits?


The minimum jump requirement is at least 200 jumps and participation in a wing suit course. It is a very complex suit and needs very guided instruction to keep you and everyone around you safe. It’s a great goal to aim for and definitely a big reason for people wanting to start skydiving these days.

How many jumps do I need to jump one of those wing suits?2019-05-07T14:32:22-07:00

How many jumps do I need to make before I can jump on my own?


This varies from drop-zone to drop-zone, depending on the method used to get you through the license program. We use the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) program, we use the wind tunnel as a training aid and then usually have you making solo skydives by jump number 8. You need at least 25 jumps to be eligible for your first skydiving license, your “A” license. Once you have your A license, you are certified to jump at any drop-zone around the World.

How many jumps do I need to make before I can jump on my own?2019-05-07T14:31:33-07:00

What if I change my mind?


If on arrival to the center, you decide you don’t want to make your skydive for whatever reason, we will understand. We do not want to force you to do something that you are not comfortable with. If you get into the plane and it takes off, again, we will not force you to make a skydive that you are too scared to make, however, due to the expenses incurred, once the plane takes off, we will not be able to offer you a refund.

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How many people can jump together, can we do tricks and things?


Each Tandem skydive exits the plane on their own. It is not possible to be with other members of your group in the air. Due to the specialized equipment used for Tandem Skydives, space is needed both in the air and during the deployment of the parachutes. The skydive is enough of a trick for a first timer; Our goal is to be as safe as possible while making it the best time possible for you. We like to exit the plane as safely as possible and get you into a safe and comfortable position for you to enjoy the freefall. [...]

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Can I take my own Go-Pro?


No, sorry, it is another rule set by the manufacturers and is a safety issue. Although you might think it is just a small little camera, it is a big problem if things do go wrong and lines get caught on your camera. The Tandem Instructors have to have at least 200 Tandems before they are able to jump with cameras because of the additional safety factor. This is a rule we can-not, nor do we want to change. Phones are also prohibited as they can be dropped in the air and again it becomes a safety issue. No one wants [...]

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Can I get video and photographs?


Yes, our Tandem Instructors are all trained to carry both a video camera and a stills (Photographs) camera. They take video of your whole experience and even if you didn’t want to get any memories when you took off, we do our best to make sure we have them anyway, in the event you change your mind on landing!

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How long will I be at the drop-zone for?


We suggest that you plan to spend at least half a day with us. We are not a fairground ride, we are a skydiving operation. We do not label you, churn you through the mill and spit you out the other side without a care for who you are. We are a family operated friendly skydiving facility that wants you to get the most out of your experience. On arrival you will be asked to watch a short video about the legal rights you are signing away, an explanation of the risks involved and a brief outline of your responsibilities in [...]

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