Staying in Palm Springs


When you are planning your skydiving adventure, we sometimes get calls asking us how close we are to Palm Springs? The answer is within 30 minutes’ drive; Close enough that you can see it on the climb to altitude, easy enough to drive out to us and back again for lunch or that amazing evening meal to celebrate that thrilling Tandem Skydive Adventure. There are so many great places to stay in Palm Springs of course, it’s a great getaway location for many people of LA as well as an amazing Winter Holiday escape for those that live in colder climates. [...]

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Flight-1 at Skydive West Coast


Canopy Course in Banning 30 years ago, a parachute was simply something that you had to use to get to the ground after your freefall, so that you could pack up and go again for another skydive. Changing from round to square parachutes (really rectangle, but square by comparison) the new square parachutes were large, slow and opened properly only some of the time. Today, things have changed quite a lot in the parachute world. Advancements in design and technology have us jumping parachutes that are easily ten to twenty times faster than what was on the market 30 years ago. [...]

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Top Secret Mission


Earlier this year Robbie and I had the pleasure of working with this team on a very special project. In a very big hangar at an undisclosed location somewhere in Southern California, we worked with some of the World’s Best Engineers on a project that we can’t discuss other than to say, look at the T-shirts in the back row. Two weeks of specialized parachute rigging and testing, Robbie and I were able to share our knowledge well as gain more, very unique skills in an extremely specialized industry. It was a very humbling experience to be surrounded by such brilliant [...]

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